4.4. Element row

Fig 1. Row insert dialog

Fig 1. Row insert dialog

(Download the Bamboo_Park_Tutorial_4.4.3dm file in order to start the tutorial from this chapter.)

1. Create a row of elements

In this chapter we will learn how to insert a parametric row of objects using one of the Pergola columns as the row element.

  • Run the _laRow command laRow. The Row insert dialog will open. (Fig. 1)
  • There are two options to choose the row element: select an existing object from the model or load a block from the block library. In this case we can choose the first option. From the Sample tab, click on the Pick button Pick button (the dialog will hide momentarily) and select one of the columns of the Pergola, created in the previows chapter.
  • From the Row tab, define the row parameters: Number of units: 3. Make sure the Group checkbox is enabled in order the elements in the row are created grouped.
  • Click OK to close the dialog and insert the Row.
  • Select "Polyline" option in the command line.
  • Make sure the Osnap "Cen" point is on and click on the cercle central point as the first point of the row. (Fig. 2)
  • Click on the end point of the row, also using the the central point of the furthest circle in the drawing.
  • Fig 2. Inserting the row

    Fig 2. Inserting the row

  • Click ENTER or right click to end the command.
  • Make a copy (_Copy command Copy) of the row created aligned with the other side of the Pergola.

  • 2. Edit the row

    Once the row has been created select it to edit its parameters from the Lands Edit Panel laEditPanel. There we can change the element distribution by separation and set some alignment settings.

    From the Sample tab, we can choose a block from the Lands block library to replace the column (cylinder) element in the row. In any case there are some orientation settings available as well that might be useful depending on the block or element used.