3.2 Create a Terrain

(Download the Bamboo_Park_Tutorial_3.2.3dm file in order to start the tutorial from this chapter.)

1. Create a terrain

Terrains can be created from curves and points. You can use the curves elevated in the previous chapter (located at the Layer Guidelines > Terrain elevation curves to create the terrain of this project.

Fig 1. Terrain parameters in the Insert dialog

Fig 1. Terrain parameters in the Insert dialog

  1. Run the Terrain command (_laTerrain laTerrain). The Insert dialog will appear (Fig. 1).
  2. Click on the Pick button Pick button,  next to the Curves and Points field (the dialog will hide momentarily) and select the elevation curves to generate the terrain. Click ENTER after finishing the selection. The dialog will indicate the number of curves selected.
  3. Set the Base height to 0.2m.
  4. Enable the “Gridded surface shaped to triangulation” button to control the detail of the terrain mesh.
  5. Set the cell size (i.e = 5m)
  6. Uncheck the Simplify button in order to generate a more acurate mesh for the terrain.
  7. Make sure the Smooth button is activated so the surface of the terrain will get a smoother level of detail.
  8. Click OK to close dialog.

2. Terrain graphical display

Fig. 2. Terrain created

Fig. 2. Terrain in 3D representation

Lands Design offers different simultaneous 2D and 3D displays of Terrains on the drawing. You can change the 2D and 3D display from the 2D and 3D buttons in the Edit Panel.

When Tthe terrain is showed in 2D the number of contour lines or interval among them are controled from "Contour Lines" tab, in the Properties area of the Edit Panel, after selecting the terrain.

Fig. 3. Terrain in 2D representation

Fig. 3. Terrain in 2D representation

Edit Panel Terrain object

Terrain Parameters

All the parameteres defined in the Terrain insert dialog can be edited from the "Terrain" tab, in the Properties area of the Edit Panel, after selecting the terrain.

Under the "Input data" tab, you can see the list of curves used to generate the terrain, as well as the operations applied on the terrain. Each curve or operation can be selected and removed from the list individually, and the terrain will be recalculated.

3. Terrain Control points

Terrains have the same Control points as the curves used to generate them. If you don't want to see the control points of some particular curve, identify the contour curve from the Elevation data, under the Input data tab, and uncheck the Show Control Points option.

To turn the Terrain control points on select the terrain and run the _PointsOn command PointsOn (or hit F10 button).