2.2 List zones

(Download the Bamboo_Park_Tutorial_2.2.3dm file in order to start the tutorial from this chapter.)

A list of zones can be created as a legend of the zonify plan. Zones with the same name and 2D attributes will be listed together.

Fig 1. Zoning list

Fig 1. Zoning list

Insert a list a zone list.

  1. Run the Zonify list command (_laListZonify  laListZonify) to insert a list of zones.
  2. Pick a point in the model to insert the list.

Edit the zone list

The list properties and display settings can be edited from 3 different tabs in the Edit area of the Lands Edit Panel laEditPanel, after selecting the Zone list object.

  1. Table: click this tab to edit the text format in the list, the cell margins and border properties.
  2. Borders: click this tab to customize the appearance of the list borders according to different predefined configurations.
  3. Zone list: click this tab to chose the property fields to show in the list and their names.  The Sample icon shows a sample of the hatch pattern used by the referenced zone in the model. 

Export the list

Fig 2. Export Listing Dialog

Fig 2. Export Listing Dialog

Once the list has been inserted in the model, it can be exported to Excel (.xls format) or to .html format for creating further reoprts.

  1. Run the Export list command (_laListExport  laExportList) 
  2. Select the zone list. The Esport Listing dialog will appear (fig. 2).
  3. Click on the Export button. The list can be exported to Excel file format (xls) or .html file format.