1.2 Insert the Bamboo_Park_Tutorial.dwg file

Curve Tools
In order to focus on the Lands features and commands, this project will be developed upon an existing 2D file that already contains the guidelines of the project design.

These lines could have been created also directly in Rhino using the set of 2D tools.

Download the Bamboo Park_TUTORIAL.dwg file.
DWG Import Options

1. Import the Bamboo Park_TUTORIAL.dwg file

  1. Run the Import command (File > Import) and select the file Bamboo Park_TUTORIAL.dwg, from the folder where you have dowloaded it.
  2. Select the DWG/DXF Import Options as shown in the picture.

2. Organize the layers in sub layers

In order to show, hide and work easily with the layers that contain the guidelines, you can organize them in a nested layers system.

  1. Open the Layer Manager (_Layer) Layer and create a new layer "Guidelines".
  2. Rename the layers that have been imported with the name Guidelines&Zone contours as Zone contours, Guidelines&Vegetation as Vegetation, etc... and drag them inside the Layer Guidelines.