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What kind of program is Lands Design?

Lands Design is a software for designing gardens, green spaces and landscapes that runs in the Rhino environment. Lands Design provides tools for producing 2D and 3D technical drawings of green spaces, as well as realistic images and virtual tours of the project.

What are the main values Lands Design provides to its users?

  • Complex urban and landscaping projects modeling in 3D and 2D in an easy and fast way.
  • Plant database with more than 1800 species: search and insert plant species, each one with their own technical specifications and detail characteristics.
  • Setting out plans and Landscape project documentation: automatically generate 2D technical plans of a landscape project and create lists to quantify the information of the plant species, zoning areas, watering systems, etc.
  • Realistic images, virtual tours: lands design includes libraries with real trees, each one with textured materials on leaves, branches, trunks and flowers. They can have different render appearances for season change simulation
  • Powerful 3D Terrain modeling tools: create terrains from contours, elevation curves, point clouds or import terrains from Google Earth. Lands Design includes a set of tools to easily modify terrains, calculate the volume of land movements, apply cut and fills, hollows, etc.
  • Civil Work: create paths, stairs, dwarf walls, fences, or element rows for your landscape project.
  • Watering system tools: define the watering installation using different sprinkler types, sprinkler distributions, and pipes.
  • Fun and easy to use: intuitive, easy and efficient workflow. Just learn Lands Design while you use it.
  • Free technical support and constant development based on the users' needs and requests.

Who is Lands Design aimed at?

Lands Design is aimed at landscape architects, urban planners, town council technicians, constructors, designers and draftsmen, environment departments, nurserymen, and gardeners, among others. It can also be a very useful tool for any Rhino user interested in lanscape modeling or wishing to add vegetation species to their architectural projects and designs.

Is Lands Design a McNeel Product?

Lands Design has been developed by Asuni, a company specialized in software development and distribution for architectural design, engineering, landscaping and industrial design. Based in Barcelona, Asuni and McNeel Europe belong to the same company group, working in close collaboration with this and other projects.

Is Lands Design available for MAC?

We certainly are very interested in developing a Lands Design version for Rhino OSX, but we won't be able to adapt our plugin to run with Rhino’s Mac version until that version is 100% ready. Once the definitive Rhino OSX version is released(*), our development team will be able to determine how much work/time we need for adapting Lands Design to the OSX system. (*) http://www.rhino3d.com/mac

When there will be the first commercial version of Lands Design launched?

The current evaluation version available of Lands Design is a BETA. We are working to improve the program and add as many new features as possible according to the user requests. So we encourage you to participate in the development giving us feedback on your experience using the software. We expect to have the first commercial version available in 2017.

What is the price of Lands Design?

Lands Design is a BETA software and it is free. There is a new BETA released every 3 months approximately. When the first commercial version is released we will be able to determine its introductory price.

Does Lands Design read GIS data?

Yes, it does. The  _laImportGisData command lets you import .shp files into the document.

Is it necessary to have Flamingo nXT installed to render the Lands Design plant species?

No, it isn't. Although Lands Design provides an extensive library of Flamingo nXt plants associated with the Lands database species, it is not necessary to install Flamingo nXT to use these plant species. This library is installed by default with Lands Design and you can shot realistic renders of these plant species with any render engine supported by Rhino such as the Rhino render, V-Ray, Maxwell or Flamingo nXT, of course.

Is there any training material available to learn Lands Design?

The existing material to learn Lands Design can be found from the following sources: