Problem when importing a terrain from Google Earth. “Google Earth is not installed in this machine”, but it is. What can I do?

When trying to scan and import a terrain data from Google Earth trhough the _laGoogleEarthScan command, an error message appears saying that “Google Earth is not installed in this machine”, when it fact, it is.

The problem is that Google has decided to remove the COM API from Google Earth. Google Earth 6.2 is the latest version which include it. This is the API used by Lands Design to connect with Google Earth, so it is not going to work on recent versions of Google Earth.

Fortunately you can still download a previous version of Google Earth from the Google website. During the download there is an “Advanced configuration” link which opens new options, including an option to download a previous version. Uninstall your current version and then download and install the old one.

You can also download the last Google Earth version compatible with Lands Design in the following link:

This is going to be a temporary solution until we adapt Lands Design to the Google Earth javascript API.