1.4 Plant database and Lands library

Plant Database

Lands Design includes a wide plant database from which you can search specific plant species, insert them in the drawing and print the botanical data in a spread sheet.

Run the laplantDatabase command laPlantDatabase to open the Plant database.

The plant species can be searched by Name, by the filters on the plant charateristics or by groups.

You can create new plant species and edit the existing ones, by clicking on the Properties button.

Plant Database Beta

Lands Library

All the blocks used for the Plant 2D and 3D representation, as well as other Lands elements such as watering symbols, urban furniture blocks, or symbols are stored in the Lands library.

You can access to this library with the laLibrary command laLibrary, which opens the block explorer dialog.

The combo at the top left corner shows different groups of folders where the blocks are stored.

Block Explorer