The first time...

Lands launcher icon

After installing Lands Design, a launcher icon will appear in your desktop. Run Lands Design from this icon the first time you use Lands. Next time you can either use the Lands desktop icon or open Rhino directly. In this case Lands will load as soon as you run a Lands command: i.e "laAbout"

New document

After launching Lands a dialog will ask you to select one of the two templates available (Imperial and Metric). These templates contain the Lands elements and layer configurations.

These templates can be opened at any time from the menu File > New New and selecting the Lands design.3dm, inside the Lands Design folder.

The Lands toolbars and the Edit Panel dialog will appear.

We are now ready to start drawing the project. Save the model (File > Save as..) under a name (i.e. Bamboo Park Tutorial).