Sprinklers are essential elements in the watering installation.

Lands has four types of sprinklers:

  • Sprinklers: the sprinklers have a range of over 6 m., meaning that they spurt water 6 meters in front of them, depending on the pressure level or the type of nozzle used.
  • Diffusers: these are similar to sprinklers but smaller. They spurt between 2 and 5 meters, depending on the pressure and the nozzle used. They are used to water narrower zones.
  • Turbines: when the garden contains medium sized areas which are long and narrow, the choice would be to install turbines.
  • Watering spout: water point screwed into the ground or in a manhole.

Besides the type, Lands allows to configure the sprinkler operation by specifying:

  • sprinkler symbol: the block of a 3dm file can be used to display the sprinkler symbol
  • the coverage radius
  • the sweep angle

You can specify the orientation of the sprinkler with the rotation angle.


Pipes are a fundamental element in the watering installation.

Pipes in Lands are displayed with polylines. Each vertex of a polyline can correspond to a sprinkler.

You can define the following pipe properties:

  • The diameter in millimeters (mm)
  • The nominal pressure in atmospheres (atm)
  • The material: PVC, Polyethylene or Polypropylene
  • The pipe description

Sprinkler Array

Allows sprinklers to be distributed in a square or triangular array that covers a specific area. The area is defined with any type of closed curve: polyline, spline, circle, etc.

You can select the characteristics of the sprinklers and the distribution parameters that will determine the position of each unit inside the array. These parameters include:

  • Geometric form of the spacing, obtained from the following values:
    • Square
    • Triangular: the sprinklers form triangles, with identical sides
  • The distance between sprinklers, expressed as a percentage of the sprinkler’s diameter

With this information, Lands will cover the area of the array with sprinklers, respecting where possible the specific separation, giving priority to the position of the sprinklers above the array’s boundary. The position of sprinklers along the boundary can optimise the use of water, reducing the sweep angle of the sprinklers. Lands will use the minimum sweep angle in each case.