Block Library

Lands has incorporated a vast library of urban street equipment in two and three dimensions, in order to meet the needs of landscaping professionals.

The Block Library is a dialog box that can be used to explore the blocks included in Lands, which displays thumbnails of the blocks and a preview of the selected block.

Lands can insert any of these blocks in the drawing, selecting them from the Library and indicating the rotation angle that will determine the block’s orientation.

Each of the blocks in the urban furniture library is represented in two and three dimensions. When a block is inserted in the drawing, Lands loads both block displays to convert the block from 2D to 3D and vice versa.

Element Row

The row is used to represent a row of equal elements.

The distribution options will be the same as those in the plant rows, but in this case, the row will not be composed of plant objects, but will contain instances of any Rhino object selected previously.

This Rhino object that will be used as a sample for the objects that will be added to the row can be:

  • An object existing in the drawing; either a simple object or a block reference.
  • A block obtained from any 3dm file, including the blocks of the Lands Block Library.

The objects in the row will be oriented in accordance with the orientation method selected by the user. Lands offers the following options:

  • Tangent to the axis.
  • Perpendicular to the axis.
  • To a fixed point. All objects will be oriented towards this point in space.
  • Picking a rotation angle. All the objects will have the same orientation.