Photorealistic Render

Flamingo nXt is a photorealistic render plug-in for Rhino with which Lands can interface.

Flamingo nXt allows you to easily create stunning, life-like images. It’s easy to use, fast, and “Physically-Based”. nXt produces realistic results by simulating light transport in your model. Indirect lighting as well as complex reflection and refraction can be easily incorporated into the simulation. Interior and exterior daylight simulations, HDR image-based lighting, and many other techniques are all handled easily, with minimal configuration requirements.

Advanced Materials can be assigned to objects or layers easily. There are material templates for common materials, and support for Blurry reflections, Bump Mapping, Normal Mapping, Displacement Mapping…

Realistic Plants and Parterres

Flamingo nXt stands out from other rendering plug-ins because of its ability to render very realistic three-dimensional plants just by using a series of values for the parameters that determine the appearance of the plant, for example the plant height, the arching and density of the branches, the thickness, and sinuosity of the trunk, etc. These values are saved as plant definition files.

Lands allows the user to use the realistic nXt plants by assigning a plant definition file to the Lands plant species and Lands parterres.

The properties of the Lands plants and parterres will be expanded when a nXt file is assigned. These new properties have no effect on the appearance of the plants in the drawing and will only be used when rendering with nXt. The following Render properties are available:

  • Season: when the Ignore global season box is checked, the user can choose in which season the plants will be rendered, choosing from the 7 values available: Early spring, Spring, Late spring, Summer, Late summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Foliage density: Flamingo nXt will generate more or less leaves depending on the level chosen

nXt Plant Library associated with the Plant Database

An extensive library of Flamingo nXt plants associated with the Lands database species will be installed by default.

This library includes over 200 plant definition files, corresponding to the species of the “Favorites” group in the database. The list of plants with nXt render available will be expanded with the plants requested by Lands users. Currently, another 180 plant definition files are being developed.

nXt Plant Editor with seasonality

Lands includes an advanced ArPlant and ArGroundcover file editor to create nXt plant definitions with seasonal information.

The appearance of the Lands editor is based on the nXt editor and therefore looks very similar. The main difference is in the foliage definition tab. In the Lands editor, this tab displays a series of controls at the top to create different foliage definitions and assign them the seasons that they shall appear in.

nXt Plants without Flamingo nXt

Though recommended, Flamingo nXt is not required to take advantage of the nXt plant generator. Lands Design includes the nXt core technology, and it is able to generate both, very realistic plants for rendering, and textured low-poly plants for the realtime display.

This allows the use of nXt plants in any renderer available for Rhino, like V-Ray, Brazil, Maxwell, etc.