Plant Database

Plant Database Beta

The main database window shows a list of existing species, filtered or not, depending on the active options. The right shows a photograph with the species selected and information about the magnitude order.

The list can be filtered in several ways:

  • By species group
    Lands has two classifications: “All” and “Favourites”. The “All” group contains all database species and can not be modified. The “Favourites” group contains the most important species, selected by expert landscaping architects.You can add or remove species from the “Favourites” group from the main database window using the buttons on the top toolbar or through the context menu displayed when right-clicking on each species on the list.
  • By name and common name, making a search
    A search text box is displayed besides the drop-down menu with the groups. The text can be entered in this box to filter the plants, so that only those with the name or common name that contains the text string entered will be displayed.
  • With filters on the plant characteristics

The main window can also be used to add new species to the database or delete existing species.

Species Properties

The general data, morphology and specific characteristics, such as the resistance or type of soil for which the species is suitable, are organised in property tabs.

You can make a query and modify data, as well as display and print a tab with the species information.