Work in Paper and Model Space

Page Layout and Toolbar

Rhino and Lands Design allows you to work from the Model Space (Standard modeling viewports) or from the Paper Space (Page Layouts viewports).

A layout viewport represents the sheet of paper that will be sent to a printer or a file such as PDF. Layouts can include various views of the model and annotations like title blocks and notes.

In layout viewports, place one or more details of your model and add information that annotates the printed sheet, such as manufacturing notes, bill of materials, general notes, title blocks, seals, and scale bars.

These viewports are accessible on the tabs at the bottom of the modeling area. The ViewportTabs command turns the tabs on and off.

Learn more about Page Layouts in the McNeel Wiki page: "Introduction to Layouts in Rhino 5".

Detail Viewports

Page Layout Detail On

Layout viewports contain Detail viewports. Detail viewports contain a view of the model and can be copied, moved and deleted anytime. Double click inside the Detail viewport allows editing the model in the detail window. Double click gets you out.

  • Properties
    • Size: sets the distance on the layout to a distance in model.
    • Scale: sets the scale factor for the detail scaling.
    • Locked status: locks details so the view cannot be panned or zoomed.
    • EnablePage: enables/disables the detail view and returns focus to the layout viewport. You can also double-click another part of the screen.
  • Control Points: detail viewports have control points to change their size within the page layout.

Details and Page Layout commands can be found in the Drafting tools.