Work with layers

Layer Manager

Layers are a way of organizing objects so you can manipulate them all at once or keep track of them in some way.

When objects are on a layer, you can turn them all off at once, change their wireframe display color, and select them all once at a time. The layer panel gives you tools for managing the layers in your model.

  • Layer Properties: On/off, Lock/Unlock, Color, Material, Linetype, Print Color, Print Width.
  • Layer properties in Page Layouts: they can be defined by Page Layout and Detail view.
  • Sublayers: you can create layers that are subordinated to other layers.
  • Lands Design layers: when Lands Design elements¬†are created they are automatically located in a specific layer defined by object type. That makes it easy to hide, show, select them and define common attributes by object type.
  • Layer State Manager: saves the current state of layers to a file or restores the state of layers from a saved file.