Dwarf Wall/Hedge

Dwarf walls or hedges are used in the same way as fences, to divide the garden or the park into sectors for different uses.

Lands builds dwarf walls or hedges throughout a curve, which acts as an axis of the wall or hedges and can be any type. You have the following parameters to control the final results:

  • Thickness, of the wall or hedge
  • Height, of the wall or hedge.
  • Justification. The justification marks the position of the axis relative to the structure.


Fences are elements that will be used to divide a garden or park in sectors for different uses.

A Lands fence is built throughout a curve, which acts as an axis, and is composed of three components:

  • Posts: these are vertical elements that are usually displayed on the ends or edges of a fence and are inserted between planks.
  • Planks: these elements make up the surface of a fence.
  • Sashes: these horizontal elements join planks.

Lands includes a series of post and plank blocks made of different materials, but you can freely create and use your own library.

After selecting the post and plank, you can control the appearance of the fence with parameters like:

  • The quantity of planks between two posts
  • The separation between planks
  • The elevation of planks from the soil
  • The profile of sashes (width and height)
  • The number of sashes
  • The separation between them and the elevation of the first sash from the soil
  • The fence side where the sashes will be placed


The stair is a very important structural element and is essential to define the vertical circulations of a project.

The Lands stairs are lifted by following the layout of a curve that acts as an axis.

You can control the appearance of the stair by specifying the following parameters:

  • The tread: the longitudinal distance between the two consecutive slabs
  • The riser: the vertical distance between the two consecutive slabs
  • The slab width, that can be constant or move between start and end values
  • The slab height
  • The slab length


Paths, curbs and sidewalks are a common element in landscape projects.

A path in Lands is an extruded profile along an axis. Any curve can be used as the profile and the axis.

In addition, you can select the type of justification of the path from its axis.